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The Problem: Computer science education excludes multiple minority groups, creating educational obstacles and preventing equal representation.


In 1984, 37 percent of computer science majors were women, but by 2014 that number had dropped to 18 percent. The computing industry's rate of U.S. job creation is three times the national average, but if trends continue, it is estimated that women will hold only 20 percent of computing jobs by 2025. U.S. News


Black and Hispanic workers continue to be underrepresented in the STEM workforce. Blacks make up 11% of the U.S. workforce overall but represent 9% of STEM workers, while Hispanics comprise 16% of the U.S. workforce but only 7% of all STEM workers. And among employed adults with a bachelor’s degree or higher, Blacks are just 7% and Hispanics are 6% of the STEM workforce. Pew Research Center

Socioeconomic Status

Recently released technology and engineering literacy scores from NAEP’s Nation’s Report Card – which measures whether students are able to apply tech and engineering skills to real-life situations – revealed a 28-point gap between students from low-income families and their more affluent peers, and a 38-point gap between black and white students. Washington Post

Our Goal: To provide an environment for middle and high school students of all backgrounds to learn and improve their coding skills.

Middle school and high school is arguably the most important time period of a student's educational career. This is the point in life where a student can explore career opportunities and find out what interests them most. However, according to Cullen White, the managing director of computer science at Teach for America, "Only one in four schools across the nation offer computer science courses." This means that 75% of middle and high school students are denied access to a proper computer science environment, and this, along with multiple minority problems, results in the loss of many potential students that could have been interested in the field. With so many barriers, how can we, as students, learn and explore computer science and see if it the right fit for us? We have planned the perfect program to introduce and nurture the computer science skills in all middle and high schoolers.

Our Program

Middle and High School Oriented

This program is created for middle and high schoolers, and we made sure to make the course applicable to people of this age.

Immediate Application

Not only are we focused on teaching computer science curriculum, but we are also focused on applying it. Throughout the program, participants will collectively work on a project to solve or help with a current-day problem or event.

6-Week Long Course

One problem with many coding programs is the short duration of their course. Through our 6-week long course, we ensure a full understanding of the subject.

Curriculum For All

People of all levels of coding experience are welcome to participate in our course. Our curriculum is designed to accommodate beginner, intermediate, and advanced coders.


Throughout the course, speakers who currently have or are pursuing a career in computer science will come and speak about their experience and answer some questions. Click here to become a speaker.

Always 100% Free

The entirety of this course is completely free!


We are currently offering a online Python course. It is free to attend and will last 6 weeks. Each session of this event will occur every Saturday, starting on September 5, 2020 and ending on October 10, 2020, with a total of six sessions. Look below to find out about the different programs that will be offered, what will be taught, who are they opened to, and required prerequisites. For our first event, we will only be offering Python for Beginners, but will be planning to offer more programs in future events.

Update: Registration has closed as all seats have been filled! If you wanted to participate, look for future events!

Python For Beginner Coders

Students will be taught the basics concepts of Python. This includes syntax, libraries, key vocabulary, printing statements, defining variables, defining functions, if/else decisions, while/for loops, taking and using input, mathematical operations, boolean, lists, tuples, arrays, lambda, etc. Student will also work on projects related to what they learn.

Open to:
Middle and high school students.

Required Prerequisites

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Our team is dedicated to providing every middle and high school student the oppurtunity and environment to learn and improve their coding skills.

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